Creator C Magic, along with fellow artists (Bluntman, Dookie, Slyda), are collectively known as OdyC (Odyssey), These Houston, Texas based rappers, singers, and producers are best known for their upcoming debut album titled The Waking Dead, a series of mystic raps that will go viral in 2017.

The group OdyC (Odyssey) will deliver a unique energy to the hip-hop industry. The hard piercing lyrics, combined with hypnotic drill type beats keep the listener in suspense as piano melodies are repeated over deep bass.

C Magic ​provides a mystical structure for the group. As he guides his team through the magical depths of Houston Hiphop at it's rawest form. He has summoned a team of talented individuals like himself to get the OdyC prophecy materialized. Bluntman Kam brings the fire, giving  you the visual of a real Houston hustler grinding towards a playa made lifestyle. Dookie, a new Orleans native, has a powerful combination of New Orleans and Houston flow in his verbage. Often clever with his word usage and remeniscent of lil Wayne, but an extremely energized version. Slyda, (“from the bottom of the map”), is a Miami transplant with Jamaican roots, yet seems to have let the Houston culture creep into his flow as well!