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I Gotta Whip by OdyC 


We've all been through those rough times where we didn't have a whip (car) and needed to get around (you dirty whore!). 

Or maybe you're going through that situation right now! Don't worry! OdyC got you covered with a new track called 'I Gotta Whip' which teaches you that if you want a new whip ya just gotta "work hard and have faith" according to AMG 4OE of OdyC.

Do you have a whip?

Unofficial Mexirado Promotional Video by OdyC 

Hey fans, we are diligently working to complete "The Waking Dead" album for release. This is a promotional sneak peek of the unfisnished song Mexirado by OdyC. Birdie Bands produced the beat on this version of the song. However, the finished version is produced by Houstons DJ Chose. This promotional video features clips from Fast Five, Mission Impossible, and Breaking Bad. We do look forward to making an actual official Mexirado music video. If you don't already know, the name Mexirado is a combination of the words Mexico and Colorado. Check this track out to go on an adventure with half of the OdyC team C Magic and Slyda!



Is Kendrick Lamars Masterpiece "DNA" a diss to Big Sean amongst other things? 

Kendrick Lamars DNA song means a lot more after watching it accompanied with a well directed music video. There are a lot of ways to interpret the scenes and progressions in the video, and to eliminate too much unnecessary debate we will just leave them open to interpretation. One thing I felt was a Big Sean diss. I am still a fan of Big Sean, but with Kendrick Lamars impressive deliverance of his album entitled DAMN, and his impressive #1 album sales he gets a pass.

Interesting, when Big Sean says "Damn Sean what happened to the humble attitude.", it reminds you just how much they were and still are competing heavily, real, and raw through their music. The song DNA has a very old Memphis sound, similar to songs by Koopsta Knicca from Three 6 Mafia in the 90s. I am impressed with the sound quality and thoughtful construction of this piece. With Big Seans album finishing #2, it has me wondering if he is going to continue this heated battle of rap gods. The disses are so clever that they easily fly under the radar. Till next time!

Gotta Catch 'Em by OdyC ft TrakkSounds 

OdyC is working on some interesting surprises for the upcoming album "The Waking Dead", but in the meantime I thought I'd introduce another single that we have called "Gotta Catch 'Em produced by well respected industry producer and sound engineer TrakkSounds. TrakkSounds has worked with artists such as A$ap Rocky, Wiz Khalifa, Kevin Gates and more. And currently is set to debut his new album on April 25th entitled "The Other Side". This project is currently on pre order and features artists such as Devin The Dude, KirKo Bangs, T2, Scarface and many more. You can find out more here.

We are glad to add Gotta Catch 'Em to his A1 portfolio and are thankful we were given the opportunity. Check out our single whichever can be found on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer, Pandora, Slacker etc. 

Thanks for listening! If you enjoyed that, you can find the links to purchase and download the track in our YouTube Page description. Until next time!

"Nothing to Us" by OdyC available in iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and more! 

Thanks for being patient fans. I know we haven't released our album yet, but it is complete and now in post production. On the flip side, we have released two new singles in stores. One in particular  called "Nothing to Us" which showcases 'Lil Dookie (see Yung & Lost by Dookie & BluntMan), then C Magic (me of course), and BluntMan to finish off the slaughtering of a highly complex and musical instrumental.

The beat in itself has an eerie vibe to it. Kind of industrial and militant sound with some trap/crunk inspirations. The instrumental produced by Juice 808 ends up sounding like a preview to a new season of 'The Walking Dead'. Halfway through the song, the instrumental completely flips its melody, quieting down a bit but building up tension, eventually returning back to its original melody again. 

This orchestration has allowed us to lay a visual smack down on why this shit is Nothing to Us. As the descriptiveness of each verse paints a visual scene coming out sort of horror movie like. The song is more of a crunk/hype squad goals type song but more gritty and rugged raw. 

The best part about this? You get to listen to it right now for free before you make a decision on whether or not you'd like to support our group by purchasing the track in Amazon, iTunes, or streaming it through Spotify, Deezer, Pandora, Apple Music, Slacker, so on and so forth.

As I get the links to each store or radio streaming site, I will update this blog post with those links. 

If you do like it, just go ahead and spend the small little fee of 99 cents to:
A) Support your local artist.

B) download a quality track and be apart of history in the making.

C) You can spend 99 cents on a burger at Mc Donalds which is temporary and will be gone after 5 minutes, or you can put that on a song that will be permanent. Or...because its only 99 cents you can get Mc Donalds and jam 'Nothing to Us' on the way there! 




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