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The Waking Dead by OdyC available for Pre Order on Google Play! 

I know some of you are thinking "Damn it's about time!" As we've been working diligently since 2016 to complete our first debut group album The Waking Dead by OdyC! The album releases on October 31, 2018. That's right, on Halloween day! 

The Waking Dead has guest appearances from two Platinum Hip Hop artists. Gangsta Boo known from Three Six Mafia joins C Magic and Cuzn Flip of OdyC on a catchy stripper song that encourages women to "Dance Like Becky!". Definitely a song for the clubs!

Dj Chose makes a royal appearance on "Mexirado" shouting out in the beginning to OdyC. With a confidence behind his words letting you know that he also produced the beat. Mexirado features a hauntingly familiar Spanish guitar melody with vibes of desperado. It highlights a peek into the lives of a peculiar "job" that Slyda  and C Magic take on. It doesn't take long to figure out what the song is about by the catchy chorus "Slyda, why the hell we going to Mexico. C Magic, we gone meet up with El Chapo". 

Be sure to order your copy of The Waking Dead by OdyC on Google Play. On October 31st, The Waking Dead by OdyC will be available through streaming apps such as Spotify, Apple Music and Pandora! 

Click here to pre-order The Waking Dead by OdyC on Google Play today!