Is Kendrick Lamars Masterpiece "DNA" a diss to Big Sean amongst other things?

Kendrick Lamars DNA song means a lot more after watching it accompanied with a well directed music video. There are a lot of ways to interpret the scenes and progressions in the video, and to eliminate too much unnecessary debate we will just leave them open to interpretation. One thing I felt was a Big Sean diss. I am still a fan of Big Sean, but with Kendrick Lamars impressive deliverance of his album entitled DAMN, and his impressive #1 album sales he gets a pass.

Interesting, when Big Sean says "Damn Sean what happened to the humble attitude.", it reminds you just how much they were and still are competing heavily, real, and raw through their music. The song DNA has a very old Memphis sound, similar to songs by Koopsta Knicca from Three 6 Mafia in the 90s. I am impressed with the sound quality and thoughtful construction of this piece. With Big Seans album finishing #2, it has me wondering if he is going to continue this heated battle of rap gods. The disses are so clever that they easily fly under the radar. Till next time!

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