The Waking Dead 2017

Hey fans its C Magic of OdyC. Hope everyone is staying warm for the Holidays! I know some of you were hoping to put our upcoming album 'The Waking Dead' on your Christmas Wish List. However we rather save this masterpiece for the new year. A new season for a new band. We appreciate your patience. Keep up the anticipation. 

The website is still under construction but we invite you to witness it grow. We will continue to update the site and provide more entertaining content. Yes we know this is all about OdyC, but in the grand scheme of things its about something bigger. A vision of expansion. Dark Magic Entertainment has lots of tricks in store. OdyC will be our first magic we share with you. 

Go ahead and join out mailing list while at it! Not only will you receive updates on our bands progress, but you'll receive notifications of giveaways, new merchandise, and other entertainment. Stay tuned!

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